This Opportunity Doesn’t Knock. It Delivers.


Do you or your business qualify to be a DocuCents™ Vendor?


Here are the basic qualifying standards:


  1. First, if you’re a DocuCents™ customer, you can’t be your own vendor to make your own purchases less expensive. We’ll pay you for getting other customers to use our service, but we’re not going to pay you a commission on your own use of the service.
      1. There can be no duplications; the vendor program is a first come first served program relative to customers
      2. It is up to customer to define who their vendor is; if for some reason a customer has more than one vendor then any commissions will be based on the vendor key that is transmitted with each transaction
      3. Each customer of a vendor has to do a minimum of 220 transactions per month
        1. A transaction is a submission for processing regardless of the number of endpoints to be served
  2. Second, there is a minimum monthly commitment averaged over a quarterly review period:
    1. You must maintain at least 10 customers minimum
  3.  A Customer is not a Customer unless:
    1. DocuCents™ is provided an independent Federal Tax ID number for each customer; AND
    2. Each customer performs a minimum of $600 per month (calendar basis) in transaction
  4. Finally, only one commission will be paid per customer transaction (assuming all other qualifying standards are met per contract):
    1. If more than one vendor claims a customer then only one commission is paid and it is based on the vendor key that is transmitted with the customer’s transaction